To create vibrant environment to breed professional chemical engineers with integrity and ethics.​


  •  To develop open access laboratories and infrastructure for conducive learning. 
  • To enhance the professional engineering skills along with entrepreneurship, innovativeness and management. 
  • To strengthen linkages with industries, alumni and professional bodies.
  • To undertake industry collaborative projects and research.
  • To inculcate professional ethics and make socially responsible engineers. 


1. Graduates will be skilled in fundamental concepts of chemical engineering. 
2. Graduates will be capable of obtaining position in Industrial, Research, Government, Academic, Entrepreneur or other organizations, which use their technical knowledge and professional skills. 
3. Graduates will have proficiency in execution of real time Chemical Engineering projects. 
4. Graduates will contribute to the socio-economic environment of their communities. 


1. The student shall master the fundamentals of chemical engineering, and shall innovate and practice the knowledge gained to solve the problems of chemical industry, environments, and society at large or opt for own start up/enterprise or qualify to pursue higher education. 
2. The student shall be able to grasp new frontiers in chemical engineering, and will apply the chemical engineering fundamentals into the new frontiers. Guide society, industry and government in fulfilling needs for chemicals while maintaining minimum environment impact. 
3. Student shall develop a team player attitude to work on multi-disciplinary projects. Student shall develop good written and verbal, technical and non-technical communication skills. 
4. Learn to plan and execute the daily functions of chemical process plants, and apply ethics and sustainability principles.