The Library is the heart of an educational institution. Our library fosters the pursuit of academic excellence. The library has a huge collection of books. More than 143950+ books, 447+ Periodicals, Journals and Magazines, more than 8582 CDs/DVDs/Floppies on various subjects such as Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy Science, Commerce, Arts, Social Work, Medical, Paramedical, Law, Vocational Education, Computer Science, etc., more than 185 Indian Standards Codes, more than 3311 Bound Periodicals (Back volumes of Useful Journals), 2385+ Dissertation & Thesis and 20 News papers are regularly subscribed by the various libraries of the SGI.
Reference section has several Encyclopedia & Books on General Knowledge. In order to enrich the library collection, number of valuable books on varied topics of study and interests are added every year. The library also has a growing section on digital learning resources in the form of CDs, DVD, and Floppy & INTERNET facility to collect the information from the world.
The Library has introduced the system of open access where students and staff are allowed to enter the stacks and choose books for themselves. A library orientation Program is held for new students to make them aware of various services provided by the library and the procedure to borrow books and other reading material. The library has a Book Bank Scheme. Deserving and needy students can borrow Text Books for one academic year / Semester from Book Bank